Thursday, November 02, 2006

Mother Tried for 'Familial Homicide'

This mother can well be criticised for having let domestic abuse continue to such a point, and for not having seeked help. But she should not be imprisoned. I am inclined to believe her when she says she was scared by the threats of her partner to kill her. Like all victims of domestic violence she believed she loved the abuser, and seemed to have been blinded emotionally (she claimed she did not believing he had killed her child until she heard him admit it in court).

Her crime has been to have gotten involved with a man who was highly unpleasant and seriously disturbed, to put it mildly. Her inaction over the abuse of her child is detrimental, but she should not be treated as a murderer. If anything she is a victim too, even if she is not blameless for the event.

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