Monday, April 30, 2007

This explains why the proposed restrictions on underage drinking are purely absurd. The logical conclusion of it would be to employ State inspectors to attend people's houses and have people prosecuted for, umm, putting too much sugar in their cake?

Again the puritans show their nasty police State mentality, calling for State intervention into every aspect of people's lives. It is the same type of logic displayed by do gooders both of the right and the left who support the drug laws and any other piece of legislation which determines what people can and cannot do with their personal time.


China Blue said...

I've yet to read a reaction to the proposals that haven't seen them for what they are: pure idiocy. Letting children taste alcohol is at the discretion of the parents, but this totally ignores that a complete cultural shift is needed.

Political Umpire said...

Absurd these proposals are indeed. It stems from the usual thought processes of our lords and masters:

1. Underage drinking is a problem.

2. Parents are to blame.

3. Regulation is the answer - ban children drinking.

4. That is, ban them drinking anywhere, anytime.

5. Since anywhere, anytime includes the home, this will have to be enforced.

6. Hence there will need to be banging on doors and peering through windows.

Well I can spot the flaws in that line of reasoning, so let's hope someone in Parliament can do it too.

PS Nice to see you're on blogging form again, Liz.

PPS Hello CB, good to see you around as always.