Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Aside from the usual issues surrounding coming off a long haul flight I'm out of sorts generally now. But one small comfort is to be home, at least. For the first time in what seems ages I am enjoying the winter, finding it refreshing. What little of the Southern summer I saw before I arrived back I was unable to enjoy, knowing that it would not last for long anyway.

What can I say? Perhaps with time I will see things in a broader perspective. I will no longer look a fool by saying I went on a trip and disliked where I stayed, focusing on all that appears negative about a place and neglecting the positive aspects of my surroundings. But to repeat a cliche that someone repeated to me - right now I don't have feelings. They seem to have me. Perhaps when I come out from the other end of this tunnel (or at least see the light at the end of it) I may see this differently.

I am also screwed because my home pc is not working right now. Often writing is how I help work through my issues - so I'll have to continue drafting my book in longhand for the time being, along with any other notes and musings I have. Also find the time and the mindset to think about other things apart from my problems which are doing nothing but looming magnificantly on the horizon, and they seem to have no end in sight and no immediate solution either.

So I may continue to be a little quiet. However, watch this space as you will still see some comment. It will just continue to be sporadic for a while longer.


Political Umpire said...

Liz, don't think that "by saying I went on a trip and disliked where I stayed, focusing on all that appears negative about a place and neglecting the positive aspects of my surroundings" you will look a fool. It only makes you look human.

And I have to say it sounds more genuine than the rather grating tales that I sometimes get of how wonderful everyone's holiday is whilst I'm stuck even in a mild winter.

The broken PC is bound to be a wind-up, however, not just because of the hassle of repairing it either. I think most bloggers find writing a useful outlet. At least you have the patience to write long-hand, I no longer do.

All the best,


a very public sociologist said...

Welcome back Liz.

That you've more or less gone from the plane straight to blogland suggests to me you won't let a trifle such as your PC breaking down stop you from coming here.

Hope you're well.

Liz said...

Thanks guys. As it happens I do find writing longhand harder than I used to, I write stuff off my head rather than proper articles that way. So the broken pc is an extra pain indeed! I'm glad my frankness is appreciated here too.

Indeed it is difficult to stop me from coming here, especially when I have online friends like you guys.

Political Umpire said...

That's very kind. And of course further proof that the broken PC is not too obstructive to your blogging (!)

Funnily enough blogging to me provides a similar outlet to yourself, but by a different method. By existing in my P-Ump persona I do not have to concern myself with everyday ups and downs, and can exchange ideas in a sort of ideal world. That said, the real world frequently intrudes as it is now because I have to catch a train ...

Liz I remember you mentioned some published work that you'd done last year, I would be interested in reading it, if you see fit.



Ms Melancholy said...

Hi liz, I enjoy your posts a lot so don't feel bad about being negative. It's just how it is right now. The light at the end of the tunnel will come in it's own time.

james higham said...

Come back to it soon.