Friday, August 18, 2006

Child 'Free' Arrogance.........

If the hateful Julie Bindel were to write in such a way about any other group in society then the editor of the 'Graun' would not publish such a piece of hate literature. But children, it seems, are fair game. And so, it seems, are parents who like to spend time with their children and not pack them off to summer camps or boarding school as she assumes they must do. Take some time out to reflect, Julie. Not everyone hates kids as much as you do. In fact, not everyone hates children at all.


Paddy Garcia said...

What an infantophobe. Shes pissed a lot of people off judging by the comments. Wait until monday for the letters page!

a feminist said...

*ahem* We're not all hateful arrogant idiots, you know :D In fact, you were the inspiration for my latest blog post about that very subject - my thanks is in order! *tips cap*

I think perhaps the difference between well-behaved, respectful children and the little bastards no one likes to be around should be made more often - as a childfreer myself, of course I don't object to the former in the slightest. But it's amazing how many times "badly behaved kids" top the list of annoyances to the general public - emphasis on the badly though. (And I know what is an is not acceptable differs with each person, but you know what I mean ;)

Liz said...

a feminist - thank you :)

I don't think all people who choose not to have children are as nasty as Bindel. I dislike her and her attitude generally, she is very self righteous about everything.

To an extent it does depend on tolerance - I think all children can be noisy and it doesn't necessarily constitute bad behaviour.

Paddy Garcia said...

Hello afeminist. You middle class by any chance?
In my experience it tends to be privilidged middle class people like Bindel who are the most vociferous infantophobes, especially media luvvies who love to rant on about it in the Guardian and other bourgois papers. "Children soooo cramp my style, you cant find a seat in the sushi bar these days for all those kids"
Well nobody is forcing you to breed, mabye you guys should get the snip and let us parents get on with it. Remember its our children who will be paying taxes when you are old, after all who else is going to fund your health care and change your colostomy bag when you are a decrepit old bat wallowing in resentful self pity slowly but surely going gaga?

Paddy Garcia said...

Hello Liz!
Youll love this:

a feminist said...

Oh, how annoying, I hadn't realised there had been further comments because I was looking at a cached copy of your blog. Grr.

Liz - I hadn't heard much about Bindel before now (other than being vaguely familiar with her name), I'll check her out properly when I have more time than a quick lunch break :)

Paddy, firstly no, I am not middle class. I'm very much of working class stock. I won't go into details, but suffice to say that the area where I grew up as a child, my parental background, and my current living location probably puts me firmly in the 'dregs of society' pigeonhole. It's odd how often people accuse me of being middle class online, however - what gave you that impression? Is it my opinions, my writing style, perhaps? Something else? I'm genuinely intrigued.

Secondly, I have been advised that I would not be ABLE to get the snip without a LOT of questioning. The ease at which a person can get the snip is an ill-informed assumption on your part. Apart from the fact that I would have to approach the NHS (hardly flushed with cash at the best of times), I'm a recently-married woman in her twenties. Hence, my (older) husband will be getting himself sorted when the time comes. They seem to like that demographic better at the family planning vasectomy clinic. But that's okay, we don't mind - unless I dwell on the ramifications of these double standards, that is, at which I get more than a little miffed.

The "who will be paying your taxes/wiping your arse" comment I won't justify with an answer; when investigating Childfree 101, google is your friend.

And your link doesn't work - error 404!

Paddy Garcia said...

LOL! No wonder everyone thinks you are middle class, Im sure you love it really! Its your attitude dear! Typical Guardian reading petit bourgois liberal.
Dont know why link doesnt work. Try If that doesnt work, just google Julie Bindel thats how I found it.

a feminist said...

Paddy - fookin hell, love. Are you stereotyping me, or is this based on a real impression (from my blog perhaps)? If the latter, please indicate what it is about me that suggests I'm a "typical Guardian reading petit bourgois liberal". Is it the childfree label? Is it my feminist leanings? My working class background coupled with x? Something else? Just what is it about me that you find so offensive? Please clarify, and please be specific. I'm sure Liz doesn't care for us to drag this out longer than need be on her blog. I find this very interesting indeed, but I can't tell if your comments are generally irate at a group of people in general... or me as a person.

If you had a blog, I'd be there in a second.

As it is I just have to go try to find the Eradicate Julie Bindel thing - and bingo, you'd forgotten the L in your first link, and added an unnecessary www in the second (as well as spelling blogspot wrong)... if anyone else reading this wants a look, click this link here.

Paddy Garcia said...

Hello again a feminist!
You are right, shall we carry on your blog? We both have plenty to say! Why not start a discussion on the issues there? Email me!

a feminist said...

Ah ha, your gauntlet is accepted! :)

See my blog.

Liz said...

Paddy - there really is no need for that stereotyping! I have seen a feminist's blog and despite her wishes not to have children she is not an 'inphantophobe' like Bindel and it's wrong to jump to conclusions about her class or background. If she doesn't want to have children it is up to her - she doesn't attack people who do. She in fact supports facilities for mothers.

Liz said...

That was a good link, Paddy, thanks. Pretty spot on about Bindel's patronising attitude.

kris said...

"What an infantophobe. Shes pissed a lot of people off judging by the comments. Wait until monday for the letters page"!

Leave it to the stoke newington dad "intelligentsia" to lose the plot over this piece.

You know guys, the rest of the world is wholly uninterested in how "cute" and "clever" your spawn are and quite frankly would love to go to a restaurant without your children running riot.

Which part of Julie's plea for respect of personal property and space is an issue?

kris said...

"You middle class by any chance?
In my experience it tends to be privilidged middle class people like Bindel who are the most vociferous infantophobes, especially media luvvies who love to rant on about it in the Guardian and other bourgois papers".

Dear Dear Paddy- are you sure you ain't Luke Akehurst incognito?

I got the same stupid tirade from Luke himself when I dared to disagree. What a joke! No luke/paddy, I am not one of the middle-class hand wringing muppets of the description that voted for the white-boy blunders of hackney labour. Actually, paddy you strike me as exactly the sort of luvvie hackney labour muppet who thinks they really do know best- yet don't know what the fuck they're on about. Come to my blog- as I have a feeling you might get a special SND award soon. I just named Ruth Kelly one so you're not alone!