Friday, August 25, 2006

An excellent response to Bindel's child hating bilge last week in todays 'Guardian'.


kris said...

Ohhh Christ.... the Stoke Newington Dad wannabe "I used to be a feminist when lesbian separatism was all the rage..." What a fucking load of condescending crap.

Yet for all the hand-wringing about how these are so many children in the world... NOT ONE comment addressing the heart of Bindel's message: how about some respect for personal property and space.

In my day, and perhaps the same day as Bindel, parents encouraged children to behave themselves in public. Stoke Newington dad on the other hand turns a blind eye and labours under the smug mis-understanding that we are all as charmed as he is.

Yet, if the same discussion were about black or asian children rather than little Cosmo or Tarquin, they'd be all for "cracking down" and "teaching British values"...

Liz said...

In all fairness, Kris, I don't think Bindel made any comments that were really worth addressing seriously. There may be an argument to made for parents asking that children behave themselves in public, but that is as far as it goes. I don't think that was the heart of Bindel's message anyway - she just can't stand kids.

What exactly is your gripe with 'Stoke Newington dads' anyway?
I don't think I'm a 'wannabe', whatever you mean by that.
Not living in the area I cannot comment too much, all I know is that is a recently gentrified area. And black and Asian kids really have nothing to do with it. Her article was about children per se.