Wednesday, December 27, 2006

'Littledick' and the Sewer Press.......

Here is a piece of bile from the Hate Mail's Little Dick. The murder victims in Ipswich evidently asked for it, according to him. They deserved what they got, had it coming, blah blah. If anything their deaths were a good thing as there are five fewer heroin addicts and sex workers in the UK.

I hope he one day gets an obituary that is as hateful as this one. I hope whoever chooses to write of his demise in the pages of the 'Graun' points out his total failure as a human being, and what a vile and stinking specimen of a man he was. What does Littledick do for humanity? Does he do any 'missionary work' in Darfur? Has he discovered any breakthroughs in medical science? Fat chance.

He is far, far worse than any heroin addict. He makes a living out of writing hate lit for the equivalent constituency of those who brought Hitler to power - the lower middle classes, with all their projected frustrations and pent up rage. Muslims, 'white trash', economic migrants, asylum seekers - in other words all those who are more vulnerable in society than themselves. I don't absolve the Mail's readership as was there not a market for Littledick's bilge he would not write it.

But to dance on the graves of five murdered women on the grounds that they were sex workers and heroin users should even make the readers of the Mail blanch a wee bit. However, I wouldn't be in tears if Littledick popped his clogs. Therefore I wouldn't expect him to shed any crocodile tears for the vulnerable who he despises. But I'd at least have expected him to have had the decency to have respected the feelings of the relatives of the dead women and have written nothing about it. It seems there are no depths to which he will not sink. It is lower than gutter journalism - 'sewer press' would be a more apt description. To expect any shred of human kindness or decency from this piece of slime is clearly is too much. Go to hell, Richard, or more accurately to the sewers.

It is vicious and bigoted to reduce heroin users down to any one thing just as much as it is with sex workers. Some heroin users I have known have been among the most gentle and sensitive people I have met. Perhaps too nice for this world - a world that stinks because it contains people like Littledick. Not because it contains heroin addicts, sex workers, Muslims, asylum seekers. etc etc.....


voltaires_priest said...

See... that's a statement of socially libertarian principle that had me cheering from the rafters. But how, how does it accord with your anti-choice stance on abortion, Liz?

(Sorry BTW, I daresay you've been asked this one soooo many times! ;))

Political Umpire said...

You might have noticed Gracchi and I had a swipe at that idiot as well. He gives the DM readers what they want, I suppose it might be said, to which I would say that that's the reason I blog rather than sell myself to the gutter press. Better to write for yourself and have no public, than write for the public and have no self.

a very public sociologist said...

Lol, well said Ump. I'm loving being true to myself in splendid unread isolation.

Thing is if Littlejohn didn't exist the right wing press would find it necessary to invent him.

China Blue said...

I read this too, being a Mail reader by habit (I started very early). My secret shame exposed, I read this article and thought it was fucking outrageous.

Yes, these girls were prostitutes, but that is not all they were. Men like Littlejohn pay for their favours, so where is the condemnation for these people who play such an important part in thie vicious cycle?

They may well have been doing it to feed habits rather than mouths, but does this make them bad people and deserving of the worst sort of fate?

This was even more ridiculous than another piece trying to blame Moss/Doherty for the murders, which is like trying to blame P Diddy for global warming.

Sometimes I'm glad I read this paper and can see for myself just how distorted some of the minds are behind it.

These people should be ashamed of themselves.

Good post, Liz :)

Liz said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. A good point about tabliod journalism, PU. Littlejohn is far far worse than any sex worker. It would not surprise me, CB, if Littlejohn purchased their services either.

A reply to VP. If he looks on my archives he will find a few of the answers to his question. But firstly on the notion of choice, pro or 'anti'. I think whatever one's views on the issue they should have a touch of scepticism on the rhetoric of 'choice' - as it seems designed to appeal to the consumerist mentality of late capitalism. The decision whether or not to have a child is deeper than this.

My thinking is quite straightfoward and compatible with libertarianism. To sum in up in a few words I feel that consensual sex, even if it be for money, is one thing. In the case of abortion, however, I believe that there is always another human being who can never consent. I do not believe a fertilised egg is a human being but I do believe that a foetus is, when heartbeat and brainwaves develop.

I am ambivalent about the law as I don't believe prohibition will be of any help and I am generally averse to giving the State more power, the right to privacy being important to me and all. But I do, shall we say, believe that there should be certain restrictions on the practice, and other social measures put in place with the aim of phasing out the practice gradually.

Happy new year all xx