Sunday, August 23, 2009

Domestic Violence/Relationship Abuse

Pretty spot on - upsetting to watch though, especially if you have been there. My aim in posting these videos has been to raise awareness.


JS Huntlands said...

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A quiet and studious young lady, ‘Tanya’ causes very little difficulty for her parents. Responsible and well grounded, she maintains modest goals. Possessing a sparse romantic history, she is quite pleased when she meets a man named ‘Nick’ through a mutual friend. Before long the pair begins dating and find each other highly attractive. Believing that her new love embodies many of the traits she so highly values, Tanya agrees to cohabitate with Nick. Unfortunately, she finds herself pregnant and soon discovers that who she thought was the love of her life has been far less than forthright. To her great dismay, this revelation begins a downward spiral from which her very existance is threatened.

Bad Kitty said...

Sounds an interesting read _ I'll put that on my list!