Friday, October 06, 2006

The militant atheists and secularists of the Graun seem to have no problem bashing Roman Catholicism as a pastime. I don't quite follow the line that anti Catholicism is the new anti Semitism, but Anglophone liberals seem to write about this particular religion in a way they would not dream of doing about Judaism, or Islam. If anything the Graun goes out of it's way not to offend Muslims out of political correctness, or fear of retribution.

The prods don't get much flack either, I've never seen an article equating all Protestant clerics with the wacky fundies in the American South. The 'Face to Faith' column on a Saturday normally features a writer from the nice old C of E, or another protestant denomination. Never noticed an RCer though.

People are welcome to criticise, nay attack any religion as far as I am concerned. Nobody has a right not to be offended. But please keep it in balance. Why single one in particular out?

As far as this article goes - a big crock of shit as far as I can see. Judging by the writers clear ignorance of Catholic theology he is clearly having fun in ridiculing a religion he has never been involved in. If he knew better he would realise that 'Limbo' had never been a binding doctrine on Catholics.

But the militant secularists seem to glorify in both an ignorance and a total misunderstanding of religion.


nepirmerimye said...

Surely 'militant secularists' are in fact merely substituting secularism for religion?

Liz said...

I would tend to agree....That's why I find them as annoying as fundies!