Saturday, October 07, 2006

Scottish Socialist Party...

I don't know how much truth there was in the allegations against Tommy Sheridan. Nobody outside of the organisation really does.

I once admired that organisation, now I have to say that I despise them. The latest that has surfaced (i.e a video tape) deserves a few comments. I have no firm opinion as to whether or not the tape is authentic. But suppose that it was. What kind of a man would record a conversation with a friend for the purpose of later using it against him anyway? Very calculated and cynical. But it is curious as to why it has only taken until recently to surface anyway. Why was it not produced before and handed to the NOTW defence team? Why did it show up in the paper only last Sunday?. The lateness of it's emergence seems to lend question to it's authenticity, along with the contrived nature of one of the comments allegedly made by Sheridan:

"I ask, eh, I ask Alan and Keith to give me the opportunity to see it down and I say to them: "I guarantee you if I am presented with incontrovertible evidence — video tapes, CCTV, something of that character — I'll put my hand up and say ‘I'm sorry'...and I'll walk away."

Fuller and relatively neutral coverage is at the Scotsman.

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Anonymous said...

What kind of man would tape a conversation with his friend in order to use it later? A friend of Tommy Sheridans. To know him is to distrust him.