Tuesday, October 03, 2006

More Style than Substance?

Such is the charge that New Labour make against Cameron's Conservatives (see link).

How rich of them. If I recall it was the charge that the Tories initially made against them (all spin and no substance) and they were, on that occasion, right. Blair ditched almost every principle that his party once stood for in order to become elected. Now it goes in full circle, it seems that Cameron is remaking his own party to look like Blair's in order to make it electable. Will the Tory right soon occupy the same place that the Labour left currently do in their party? It seems as though Cameron is likely to appeal to swing voters, as was Blair in his prime.

I am not one of the optimists who believe that the Labour left will show any signs of a major resurgency (at least not where it most matters - i.e in power). They will remain a pressure from within, it being, of course, a good thing that they at least remain as a somewhat viable force to put pressure on the party and the government.

In the advent of another right wing Labour prime minister I remain indifferent to who wins the next election. It will be the same government essentially, a situation partly brought into being by our undemocratic first past the post system (which ironically New Labour promised to reform but backed out after they found it to be to their advantage in their landslide victory in 1997).

This blog is now two months and a day old, and I have to give myself a pat on the back for keeping it up. Consistently writing something round about every other day isn't so difficult once you get into the habit. Hat tip:Temperama.


AN said...

surely it strteches the concept of being stylish to breaking point to describe david cameron as having style?

Liz said...

He has as much style as Blair did when he began......Which raises the question as to whether or not Blair ever had style!

AN said...

I think you know the answer to that Liz