Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Russia and Georgia's Diplomatic Spat

Some interesting comments to the article here.

Imagine the USSR still existed. Let's imagine that the Soviets financed a movement in, say Mexico that overthrew the previous, pro US regime and replaced it with a pro Soviet one. Not only this, but the new regime was desperate to join with the Warsaw pact. Similiar movements were being financed and built accross the region, a couple of which had also been successful. Russian troops are stationed in Mexico.

It is doubtful that Uncle Sam would have taken that lying down.

Putin has a point about South Ossetia and Abkhazia. The West actively encouraged seperatism in the former Yugoslavia - so what is the difference? If Kosovo is to be granted independence from Serbia it would only be consistent that those regions be given similiar consideration.

I dispute the leader's assertion that it is 'no longer deemed acceptable' that Latin America is seen as the US's backyard. By whom? Not by the US, who still continue with sanctions against Cuba and who only a few years ago financed an attempted coup in Venezuala.

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