Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Against Seperatism...

It was a long time ago, but I used to be terrfied of nuclear war in the 1980s. I remember admiring the women at Greenham, and also my conservative mother telling me they were a bunch of extreme man hating lesbians. I thought she was caricaturising them at the time. But after seeing this piece and thefollow up I see her comments were not far from the truth. It has long been tactics such as this which has alienated opinion from otherwise progressive and liberal causes, and give the tabloids all the ammunition they need.

Yet these simple facts seem to elude the hapless Monbiot, whose male liberal guilt enables him to put a positive spin on this nonsense. As for the 'safe space for women' stuff he can cut out that patronising bilge. We are not children, and not all of us regard the world as being such a dangerous place for us poor little things we need a 'safe space' away from it. So thanks for your attempt at chilvary, George, but on second thoughts - no thanks. You can keep and shove it.

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