Sunday, September 03, 2006

Male feminists and Bullying......

I've noticed something about male feminists - that when it comes to treatment of actual women, rather than their abstractions and the feminist women they see it to be their chilvarous duty to protect against the big world both of other men and women who may question their ideas, they tend to be quite nasty little bullies. I was threatened with violence by one, and stalked online by another when I dared to question the premises of his feminist wife. Both these events were due to my position on abortion. I have had tons of sexist (and yes, even sexual) online abuse dished out at me by right on males on the web. The women whose honour they were outraged about and who they were 'protecting' did not care about sexism when it came to me, either.

There is a great pamphlet I would recommend. A few enlightening words of experience on male feminists in there too. A pity it is not online, you'll have to order it. Many women who embrace ortho-feminism often have had a bit of a shit time with men in their lives. Perhaps it is inevitable that they attract creeps like these, if it is true that history repeats.

Victim based ideologies attract these men because of the pyschological need they have to step in on a white horse of fake chilvary, and take up this mantra as a reason to feel self righteous and justified in their compulsive bullying of other people, women included. And of course the mantra that 'women are oppressed' (ie victims in need of protection) suits them down to a tee. If this was not the case the need for them and their chilvary would, of course, be redundant. They have their stake in female victimhood so they are unlikely to let the premise be challenged (God forbid by a woman!) without a big fight. Even if these means stepping down off their horse and throwing a few blows at 'non pc' or 'male identified' women who neither want nor need their 'protection' - and even worse dare question their own victimhood!

Ultimately is suits men of this character that women remain victimised. A woman who revels in her own 'victim' and 'oppressed' status and bases her politics upon it is vulnerable to attracting a man who will display the characteristics of a brute - as self proclaimed victims will inevitably attract potential abusers or bullies. He will, of course, claim sympathy with her politics.

Bullies often put on a veneer of chilvary and protectiveness to attract a mate who may be unconsciously looking for such a thing or at least susceptible to it. In the current climate what better veneer to put on than that of a right on male feminist, who is ready to apologise for the crimes of his gender while insisting he is on the side of the woman against the evil patriarchy? It is a middle class, educated and sophisticated version of the brutish Stanley Kowalski depicted by Marlon Brando. And all the more insidious for that reason, as at least the Kowalskis' of this world are open about it.

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