Sunday, September 24, 2006

Misbah Rana - Update

This blog had a brief mention in the Berliner copy of the Graun for it's coverage of the Misbah Rana(aka Molly Campbell) case. It is indeed tragic that her mother is unable to respect her daughter's wishes here, who seems by all means to be in safe care (see link). And neither can I blame Misbah's sister for highlighting the racism throughout, not only on the part of the British authorities but also the media coverage, on the blogosphere as well as the mainstream media. Misbah had been brought up a Muslim like her siblings, and was clearly unhappy living with her mother and with her lifestyle. She was not allowed contact with her other relatives.

Whatever the case, the attitude of her mother cannot be endearing her to her daughter any further. Was she forced to return no doubt she would resent her mother forever.
Let's hope, therefore, that this does not happen. Thankfully it looks as if by the time this will be resolved she will be deemed old enough to make up her own mind anyway.

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