Sunday, September 24, 2006

On a Lighter Note.......

I was almost put off of Arctic Monkeys when Gordon Brown was said to be a fan. That he is more of a Coldplay man seems more in character for the dour chancellor.

At least I can say the chancellor and Coldplay come in for almost equal loathing on my part.

I hope we will see at least some kind of leadership challenge to Brown. If, however, he does take the throne as Blair's successor we may see a few minor changes that although rather cosmetic will at least result in some more accountability for the government and a bit of decentralistion, if nothing else. But I won't hold my breath. No real and substantial policy changes will be on the cards, all the rest is pretty much spin. I recall the handover from Thatcher to Major in 1990, and something tells me that this will look pretty similiar. History has a tendency to repeat itself, after all.

On the charisma score I don't hold Brown much over Major, either. If a snap election is called, I for one cannot be so sure how Brown will fare over David Cameron.

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