Friday, September 01, 2006

Two Tier Exams.......

Britain's education sytem is ridden with class division as it is. So all we need to cap it is a different exam for private school students, which has seemed to be the practice.

The Cnservative campaign to extend it to State schools will likely not result in fairness as it does not call for it to be universal.

It will very likely be taught in high performing schools where the affluent send their children, leaving behind children from 'failing' schools in poor communities.
If this exam is recognised while it is not being offered by all schools it will lead to further discrimination against the poor, both in higher education and in employment.

We seem to be seeing a slow and subtle return to the old grammer/secondary modern system. The ethos of many of the so called 'academies', with their emphasis on religion, vocation and discipline rather than all round academic knowlege are another example. Save for a few squibbles there seems to be no major difference in policy in the programmes of the two main political parties on this.

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