Saturday, September 02, 2006

Culture Clash.....

It may be surprising to some that this girl seems to prefer the Muslim culture of of Pakistan rather than her native Scotland. But it is an ethnocentric and arrogant view to assume she has not made a free decision to live with her sister and father. However hurt her mother may feel by the decision she should let Misbah (as she chooses to be called) decide for herself. If you love someone you do set them free, as the saying goes.

Ms Campbell will not gain the love of her daughter by attempting to force her back to Scotland against her will, by making the assumption that she knows what is best for the girl. In our society children have too few rights. They should be given the right to decide which parent they want to live with, providing there is no abuse taking place. There is no evidence of coercion taking place here, it seems Misbah has been mature enough to decide this is what she wants. Her mother should respect that. But the fact she refuses to even call her daughter by the name she chooses, insisting that 'they must get Molly back' speaks volumes about her attitude. Along with the initial insistence she was kidnapped, despite her protestations via phone calls and letters to the contrary. She seemed not to be thinking of what was best for her daughter when it came to the troubled relationship with the stepfather, who Misbah was told she 'had to live with'. It seems that as with so many other cases the mother here is putting her own wishes and perceived needs ahead of those of her daughter, despite her claims to the contrary.

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