Friday, September 08, 2006

Before I go....

I'm off to sunny Bournemouth for a few days to catch the belated return of summer. Hopefully the weather will keep up so I can spend some time soaking it up on the beach and getting a swim.

But before I go a note or two about footwear. I was curious to read that Doc Martens may be coming back into fashion. As far as I have personally been concerned they have never gone out. I am one of the few people who still proudly owns and will wear a pair during the winter ahead. I never caught on either with the dance music or the all round replacing of them with sneakers.

I do this much for the reasons given in the comments. Sneakers (one symbol of American cultural imperialism) do not go as well with dresses as they do with jeans or combat trousers. This is not the case for my DMs, which I can wear just as easily with a dress or skirt. I often get a few comments about them. Perhaps when they are more of a common sight again I will not stick out so much like a sore thumb (or foot, as the case rather is). A mixed blessing as I like to look different, I still haven't grown out of that.

While I may hope for them to be more ethically produced than Nike trainers have been, I don't hold out too much hope for this somehow, the only real downside. C'est la.

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